Bullitt (1968)

Bullitt starring Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn
Director Peter Yates

Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn) is in town for a senate hearing on organized crime. His key witness John Ross needs protection. Chalmers requests the the help of Police Lieutenant Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen). Bullitt takes the job, but Ross is murdered under his team's watch. Now Bullitt will stop at nothing to find those responsible .

 Bullitt is one of those movies that just doesn't get old. The famous car chase scene alone is as good as any car chase you might see in a modern day movie. In my opinion the chase scene in Bullitt is really the father to all our modern day car chase scenes. If I'm making a movie and a car chase scene is needed. I want it to be as awesome as Bullitt.

McQueen was excellent as Frank Bullitt. McQueen really made you believe Bullitt was this tough, I'm not afraid of anything cop. Robert Vaughn did a great job as the glory seeking and overly ambitious Walter Chalmers. He really made me hate Chalmers.

Reasons to watch Bullitt. It's a classic. do your self a favor and watch some of the older films out there. You'll be surprised at how many you'll end up liking. Once again it has that awesome chase scene.
It has one of the coolest actors to ever live. But the main reason is that Bullitt has a great story. You really don't see what's coming.

The Walking Dead Season 1 DvD

I picked up a copy of the Walking Dead season 1 DVD. I'll present the disc art and what special features are included with this release.

The season 1 release has 2 discs. Disc 1 contains the first 4 episodes and that's about it. No commentary or special features are available on disc one.

Disc two has the last two episodes of season 1. It also contains the special features. The special features on disc 2 include The making of the walking dead. Just your basic behind the scenes making of feature. It also includes Inside The Walking Dead. This is a 6 part feature that goes behind the scenes of all six episodes of the first season. The last feature I'll mention is called Bicycle Girl. This feature lets us see the transformation of an actor int a zombie. This was pretty interesting. We are shown a 3 hour makeup job. Of course we see it in 3 minutes sped up. The other features in my opinion are just filler. We get a trailer for season 1, Zombie make-up tips, Convention Panel with Producers and there are other special features on the disc not really worth mentioning. The one thing missing in the special features is usually the thing I look for in special features. There is no commentary on any of the episodes. That was a bummer.

The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD Art

This is a insert that came with the DVD set.

The Killing

AMC has released a new 4 minute trailer for The Killing. The Killing premiers Sun., Apr. 3 at 9PM | 8C. I love a good mystery. It looks like I might have a new Sunday night obsession. Head over to AMC to get the scoop on The Killing.

Spider in a tree

I  took this picture last summer. I was walking by a tree in my front yard and noticed this little guy sitting on a leaf. I thought it was an interesting spider, so I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. I'm not sure what type of spider it is. If you know let us all know.

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